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Do I need a same day courier or postal service ?

Updated: May 22

A courier delivery service is the same the world over, right ?

Actually no, there are huge differences between the types of service available.

So today we’ll discuss what are probably the two most common types - sameday courier and postal services.

With the ever growing number of delivery companies available, not surprisingly there is sometimes confusion on who to call when it comes to getting a parcel delivered or perhaps a more bespoke job with specific deadlines or high value goods.

Where would you even start, to try and find a tail lift vehicle for an urgent delivery that needs to be in Manchester by tonight ? Direct your search online for a sameday courier and you’ll find professional companies offering a multitude of options for business and personal customers alike.

courier delivery van

Should I choose a Local or National company ?

Well actually, you kind of get the best of both worlds. Some sameday courier companies will offer a national service anyway with a network of drivers based all over the uk so by choosing a company like you are safe in the knowledge that all bases are covered

Putting it simply, a dedicated courier ( commonly referred to as a sameday courier) is a bespoke, direct delivery completed to your specific timed requirements. Examples of this can be ‘asap’ or ‘deliver at 9am tomorrow’ or ‘ pick up between 4-5pm’... you get the idea.

Basically the customer is paying for a service that’s tailored to their needs.

Whereas, a traditional parcel/post service will offer more of a ‘one size fits all, service of 1/2/3 days where your parcel could be transferred between depots, handled by several operatives and then go out for delivery with multiple other items on a general delivery route.

For example:

Postal service - You sell a pair of trainers online and want to send them to a buyer who lives 200 miles away - you will be spoilt for choice of postal services at your disposal. Pack them up, take them to the local drop off shop like (which we can highly recommend) and select an estimated delivery time frame. Depending on your choice of carrier, you could expect to pay between £5 to £15 for this service.
Sameday courier - You’re presenting at a conference and on arrival, realise you’ve forgotten  your laptop which is at the office located 75 miles away. A personal courier service will collect from any address of your choice at the time you specify (which can be as quickly as 30 minutes notice). The goods don’t necessarily even need to be packed as the driver should carry blankets and straps on board. That same driver will then travel directly to the delivery point and deliver the goods to the named person of your choice. This is usually charged per mile and costs will vary between companies.

Read our blog below to learn more about courier costs

Sameday courier = fewer size restrictions

The postal service may have size and weight restrictions as they are transporting multiple parcels in a vehicle, whereas a personal courier is very adaptable to the size of your goods. Poorly packed items can also be a risk when sending via a postal service, whereas a personal courier should be willing to go the extra mile and help solve any problems related to load safety and packaging if you make them aware when booking. A whole range of vehicles can move literally anything from a single document, up to a truck load of palletised goods. The industries that rely on the couriers every day is huge and all of the following are readily available.

  • Media and Production couriers

  • Construction industry couriers

  • Engineering couriers

  • Hospitality couriers

  • Retail couriers

  • Medical couriers

  • Automotive couriers

  • Public Sector couriers

  • Food & Beverage couriers

Many courier companies will also have access to specialist vehicles too, such as refrigerated, flat bed or articulated and they will usually be able to find a solution for every type of load. They’re usually ready when ever you are - the industry never sleeps and a round the clock service is the norm. Local drivers offering a national service - Experienced sameday courier networks are vast, with professional drivers in every location and ready for deployment at a moments notice.

delivery vehicles

Sending high value or multiple goods.

If you are sending a high value item with a postal service, the standard insurance cover may be limited to a low value. You can of course pay extra for an insurance cover increase, but then you still have to weigh up the risk element of possible damage or even loss. It could be more peace of mind to know that your high value goods go into a dedicated courier van and are delivered direct by one person. Also, a reputable sameday courier will usually have a hefty goods in transit insurance policy of £1000’s of cover as standard. Ask them if unsure.

If you send multiple goods then this needs to be considered - paying a few pounds to send an item by post is a no brainer, but imagine you are a manufacturer or distributor and need to send 100 shipments…a courier van is charged for the size of vehicle, regardless of how many items are on board so can be much more cost effective for sending larger volumes. You will be charged for the journey, not per parcel.

For business customers, building a good working relationship with a reputable courier company is invaluable. Depending on the company, it may give you things like priority booking, account holder discounts and a dedicated account manager for urgent queries.

Sameday couriers can offer a wide range of solutions for business deliveries including;

  1. Daily hire - cover for one off jobs, or when you own drivers are unavailable.

  2. Peak cover - when the pressure is on at you busiest times, hire a courier for adhoc cover.

  3. Daily routes - it can sometimes be more cost effective to use a courier service regularly to fulfill all of your deliveries compared to running your own vehicles and taking on more staff. Freeing up you and your team to focus on the business.

Storage and fulfilment - Some courier companies have direct links with postal services too, like

If you are in ecommerce you could also consider getting your order fulfiment outsourced. No need for expensive property overheads, just store your stock with the courier company and they take care of dispatching the goods immediately every time you make a sale.

In summary, whether it’s a sameday or parcel courier that you need, you’ll find local or national options online. Here at we are always happy to answer your questions or provide more information about our services.

Reach out with your requirements.


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