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Shani Moore of Dash Couriers has had a brilliant September and she's sharing all about it.

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

September is almost here – what will this month bring? We’re talking to small business owners about what is happening in their industry at the moment.

Today we’re talking to Shani Moore of Dash Couriers. Based in Swindon, Dash Couriers is a family run delivery business who work with big companies like Amazon.

How was your summer as we go into autumn? Expansion: We're thrilled to announce that we expanded our service coverage to several new cities and regions this summer. This expansion allows us to serve even more customers and meet the growing demand for our courier services.

Overall, this summer has been marked by growth and positive developments for Dash Couriers. As we head into autumn, we're excited to continue serving our customers, implementing sustainable practices, and supporting our team in their personal and professional endeavours.

What’s coming up for your business in September? Courses and Training: We're sending a select group of our team members to industry-specific courses and training programs. These courses cover emerging trends, best practices, and the latest technologies in the courier and logistics sector. We believe that staying informed and educated is essential to stay at the forefront of our industry.

Expo Participation: In September, we're thrilled to participate in a major industry expo.This event provides us with the opportunity to showcase our services, network with other industry professionals, and stay updated on the latest innovations. It's a great platform for us to engage with our peers and explore new partnerships that can benefit our clients.

September is set to be an action-packed month for Dash Couriers, filled with opportunities for growth, knowledge sharing, and engaging with our industry and community. We look forward to making the most of these opportunities to better serve our valued clients.

September is also known as ‘organic’ month. – when it comes to your business/organisation/personal life what do you do to be ‘more green’? Sustainability Initiatives: We're continuing our sustainability journey by exploring new eco-friendly packaging options and further reducing our carbon footprint. September will see the implementation of some of these initiatives, aligning our business with environmental responsibility.

World Gratitude Day takes place this month (Sept 21). What are you grateful for your business/organisation/at home? Our Dedicated Team: We are immensely grateful for our hardworking and committed team members. Their dedication, reliability, and passion for providing exceptional courier services are the driving force behind our success. Each member of our team plays a vital role in delivering excellence to our customers.

Loyal Clients: We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal clients and customers who have placed their trust in Dash Couriers. Your continued support and feedback have been instrumental in shaping our services and driving us to continually improve.

Community and Partnerships: Our partnerships with other businesses and organisations, as well as our engagement with local communities, have enriched our journey. We're grateful for the collaborative spirit that enables us to make a positive impact beyond our core services.

What are your hopes for business for the rest of this year? Are you launching a new product, service, running an event or something else later in the year? While we may not have specific product launches or events in the pipeline for the rest of the year, our hopes are firmly set on delivering outstanding courier services, fostering sustainability, and furthering our commitment to our customers and communities.

Service Excellence: We're committed to maintaining and enhancing the high standards of service that our clients have come to expect from Dash Couriers. Our focus remains on ensuring timely, secure, and efficient deliveries.

Continued Growth: Our primary hope is to continue the steady growth and expansion we've experienced throughout the year. We aim to reach even more communities and clients with our reliable courier services.

We are dealing with a lot of messages around ‘bad’ news such as the rising cost of living and interest rates rising. How are you keeping positive?

Adaptability and Resilience: Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of changing circumstances, focus on your ability to adapt and be resilient. In business, this might mean revisiting your strategies, diversifying your offerings, or exploring new markets when faced with economic challenges. Financial Prudence: In the face of rising costs and interest rates, being financially prudent is crucial. This means budgeting wisely, saving for contingencies, and exploring ways to reduce unnecessary expenses.

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