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Same Day Courier - Compare cost and service

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As the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ and In the fast-paced world of logistics, it can be a bit of a minefield. Of course, there are many reputable companies offering a trusted service, but as with any industry there are also organisations that are working on tight budgets and

sometimes corners may be cut.

When choosing a delivery partner for a one off job or perhaps an ongoing contract, a small amount of due diligence could prevent problems further down the line. Research their web site to learn more about the company. Find online reviews to see what experience previous customers have had. And if they belong to any trade organisations or have accreditations then even better, as industry standards are usually a requirement for membership.


You should at least be asking the following questions as a starting point:

  • What insurance is provided ? There may be some couriers who are operating on the wrong type of insurance cover which would not be valid in the event of a claim.

  • What’s the value of goods in transit cover ? You want to be sure there is adequate coverage for your shipments.

  • Is the delivery vehicle tracked ? Most reputable delivery companies should be able to tell you within a couple of minutes the exact location of the vehicle that has your items in the back, and provide an eta.

  • Will my goods be secured in the vehicle ? Ratchet straps and blankets are an absolute must.

  • Is proof of delivery provided ? a proper paper or electronic receipt would be expected as standard and some will also add a photo of the delivered goods too.


And as strange as it may seem - have they asked you enough questions about the job ?

How can they provide you an accurate price without knowing all the relevant information ?

They would need to be sure - is it a 1 man job ? Is it a ground floor delivery ? Is a forklift required ?

If you are a business, you have no doubt invested time and money to win new customers, you’ve gained their trust and they have bought your product. So a reliable, trusted delivery service is the final piece of the jigsaw to ensure that the customer comes back for more products.

For that moment, your delivery provider is the lasting impression of your customers buying journey. It’s not a good look if your high end products turn up in an old dented van driven by a rude, unhelpful driver.

So how do I know what is a fair price ? As with all industries, you might well receive a range of quotes. But if the majority are say £100 for example, and one is only £50 then surely you should ask yourself why ? And if you are confident in the cheapest quote, then satisfy yourself that you have asked the relevant questions.

Companies who wish to be more transparent and may even provide an online quote service such as this one. It acts as a guide but preferential rates and bespoke quotes may apply for account customers.

What could be the long term implications of using a sub standard delivery contractor ?

Over time, any business’s loyal customers will look elsewhere if their goods regularly arrive late, or in poor condition, or maybe even not at all !!

The results speak volumes and are substantiated from first hand experience with one of our major clients.

They were unhappy with the level of service from a large cheap carrier and approached us for an alternative solution. We worked with them to provide a tailored, bespoke service to meet their needs.

The Result..

Fast forward three months - our clients sales have increased to record levels and their customers are happy once again. Safe in the knowledge that their purchases will arrive on time, and box fresh. So yes, the client is now paying a little more for deliveries but this is far outweighed by the increase in sales due to repeat custom.

Of course there will always be cheap, budget services available and for some people this fits with their requirements.

But in our opinion, a fair price for a quality service will get your business miles further.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements on 01793 200771 or click below for a call back


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